From 6/4 (PT), Nova (Sam Alexander) will be available in the Coin BOX!


Get ready for Nova (Sam Alexander)! Coming soon to Coin Box.

Nova (Sam Alexander) available from Coin Box starting 6/4 (PT).

From when is he available?
6/4 12:00AM (PT)


Nova (Sam Alexander)
Attribute: BLAST

High scoring Nova Tsum Tsum
will appear with the Nova Force

Briefly increase BLAST Tsum Tsum score
(triggers randomly every 50 combo)

Updated Coin Box Contents (From 6/4 (PT))

- Songbird
- Cosmo
- Night Thrasher
- White Tiger
- Darkhawk
- White Fox
- Devil Dinosaur
- Howard the Duck
- Squirrel Girl
- Bengal
- Cloak
- Dagger
- America Chavez
- Hellcat
- Red She-Hulk
- Nova (Sam Alexander) (NEW!)
- Rocket Raccoon★
- Thor★
- Kate Bishop★

*Tsum Tsum without the ★ mark are only available in the Coin BOX.
*Tsum Tsum with the ★ mark are available in both the Coin and Orb BOX. You can check the latest available Tsum Tsum by heading to the store → box → list.
*Tsum Tsum available in the Coin BOX may change. Check the latest available Tsum Tsum by heading to the store → box → list.
*If you purchase a Coin BOX and get a Tsum Tsum you already have, you'll get either an Iso-8<Yellow> or Iso-8<White> and a boost to that Tsum Tsum's Luck.

Nova (Sam Alexander) Skills Intro l MARVEL Tsum Tsum

Nova (Sam Alexander)'s skills and special skills in action on MARVEL Tsum Tsum's YouTube channel!

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