How to Fix Minecraft Realms Internal Server Error 500

Minecraft develops its service by allowing players to host multiplayer servers. As a result, they can play with other players around the world.

Unfortunately, the servers often error and show the Minicraft realms internal server error 500 on the screen. You can do several things if this message appears.

Check the Pack and Mods

Most players often use packs or mods to access the Minecraft realm. The problem is that some of the resource packs and mods are not compatible with the game.

As a result, the system blocks to play in a realm. You will see that error message after installing specific mods or resource packs.

One of the solutions to fix this problem is that you must uninstall the mods or resource packs. You even have to delete all the mods and resource packs to handle this problem and play the game immediately.

Use the Default Settings Back

Sometimes, the Minecraft realm internal server error 500 message appears because of the settings you have set.

You may switch the settings you have changed back before the error message appears. Switch the latest adjustments to the default settings if you forget about it. Then, you can try to get into a real again.

Use the Latest Version

Indeed, you have to update the software to the latest version. Some of the systems on the previous version are not compatible with the new version, and you will see that error message anytime you want to play in a realm.

Wait for Mojang to Fix It

The Minicraft realm internal server error 500 message also appears because of the server issue. You may ask other players whether they encounter the same problem or not.

If it is because of the server issue, nothing you can do except contact Mojang to fix the problem. You can only wait until they fix the problem and go back to the Minecraft realms. You often have to wait for a few hours depends on the issue.

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